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Schedule: 7:30 a.m. to 14:30 p.m.

The basis of the ASFC educational program comes from the Secretary of Public Education where strategies have been developed and implemented in elementary schools throughout Mexico. Moreover, we have become a candidate school to implement the philosophy and methodology of the Primary Years Program of the International Baccalaureate Organization which is perfectly aligned with the Educational Reform implemented by the Ministry of Education.

These days, due to the global living situation, it is necessary for our school to prepare students for the many different activities that they will be required to perform. Because of this, one of our priorities will be to focus on intercultural diversity in order to increase communication, cooperation and mutual respect amongst others. This will be part of our daily school activities so that we can begin to adjust our population to welcome people of many different nationalities.

The constant development of skills allows students to apply the knowledge they have learned into their daily situations, and promotes attitudes and values that place importance on caring for the environment and co-existing peacefully with others. For this reason, ASFC requires teachers, in English and in Spanish, to prepare lessons that will motivate students to participate in school activities intended to develop these capabilities.

Other principles incorporated in the new school curriculum address important themes such as equality, health education and caring for the environment. School programs like the “Green Team”, “House Competitions” and “Creating Healthy Relationships” help to illustrate these themes.

Everything mentioned previously will be shaped using the four formative areas of basic education: language and communication, mathematical thinking, exploration and social/environmental comprehension and personal and cooperative development. As a bilingual educational institution, ASFC assures that each of the four formative areas will be taught both in English and in Spanish. ASFC places great importance on respecting students with different styles of learning and all classes and lessons are planned with multiple levels of understanding in mind.