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The Green Team is a fun, ecologically oriented program in which students and staff are encouraged to participate. Green Team members, by way of a variety of different activities, learn to respect, care for, and value the natural environment.

The Green Team list of activities is constantly growing! We will start off this school year with the following selection of 25 ways that students can actively participate in caring for and learning about the natural environment.

  • Pick up garbage

  • Have a picnic

  • Dance in the wind

  • Watch an ant

  • Turn off the water tap

  • Watch the clouds

  • Follow a butterfly

  • Recycle bottles

  • Plant a seed

  • Draw a picture of nature

  • Water a plant

  • Play in the grass

  • Watch the star

  • Encourage others

  • Do a project

  • Do a class presentation

  • Rake the grass

  • Reduce

  • Reuse

  • Recycle

  • Make a poster

  • Talk with a nature expert

  • Investigate about the environment on the Internet

  • Write a poem, song or story about nature

Staff members can encourage students as they learn more about caring for the natural environment by modelling three of the fundamental principles of environmental care:


  • Cut down on the number of plastic bags used

  • Be less wasteful with paper (use both sides!)

  • Turn off lights and ceiling fans when they are not being used

  • Use less water when washing hands or brushing teeth


  • Bring lunch in a Tupperware container

  • Use plastic bags for many purposes (rather than throwing them away)

  • Donate clothes that are no longer worn to people who are less fortunate

  • Use reusable arts and crafts supplies (fabric scraps, corks, bottle caps, yarn, buttons, magazines, newspapers, toilet paper rolls, etc.) to use for art projects


  • Recycle plastic bottles (PET)

  • Create a recycling system in classrooms (or offices) for paper and cardboard