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American School Foundation of Chiapas

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The House Program encourages teamwork, school spirit, and friendly competition between and among ASFC community members throughout the school year.

What is it?

A system of house teams which encourages teamwork, school spirit, and friendly competition between and among ASFC community members throughout the school year.

The house system was created in private schools in England. The purpose behind creating the House System was to help build school spirit while allowing healthy competition to grow within the school.

The House System has also been gaining more popularity in recent years due to the popularity of the Harry Potter stories.

The program also enables new students to join in the school community immediately upon their arrival and encourages young children to have mentors with the older students. The process involves dividing the entire school (students, teachers, administrative staff, parents, etc) into four separate houses.

The houses will be formed with a mixture of ages, as equal as possible. Every year, we will add new students to the existing houses and it is the goal for every student to remain in the same house from the moment they enter the school until they graduate.

What are the teams?

The teams are made up of ASFC community members: students, staff, and parents.

The four teams are: the Green Crocodiles, the Blue Sharks, the Red Dragons, and the White Polar Bears (the colors were selected because they are represented on the Mexican and American flags).

Two captains, or "Heads of House", are selected from each team. These captains are encouraged to build responsibility and excitement amongst the members of their House.

Students are encouraged to provide the school with ideas and suggestions to create House activities for the competition days.

House Points.

The points, or merits, are an important part of the House System. Points can be awarded and taken away from both academic and other reasons determined by the House Competition Committee.

The rules as to how to award and take away points should be determined and reviewed annually. Then a list of rules should be distributed to the teachers and the Houses. In the past, teachers have awarded one point per merit and directors are able to award any given number of points.

The merits can be given for academic performances as well as for performances in the school community. Helping others, being a good partner and showing good sportsmanship are other opportunities for a student to gain points for their House.

The total points awarded in the week and the overall totals at the end of the week should be announced to the students and staff every Tuesday.

The Merit Program.

The Merit Program is designed to recognize the thoughtful, respectful, responsible and considerate participation of any and all members of the school community.

Any adult at the school can reward a merit (a special slip of paper recognizing a good deed) to a child, another staff member, or a parent.

The merits are submitted in a raffle every Monday morning, and three winners are chosen from every area.

Although the prizes are small (pencils, stickers, etc.), the raffles are full of excitement! The merit points are also tallied, and each one counts as one point in the House Competition program.