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American School Foundation of Chiapas

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Any student who wishes to be a part of our school community must go through the following selection process:

1. Parents/guardians must fill out an enrollment application card, which is available in the ASFC admissions office (next to Front Desk).
2. You will be invited to tour the school grounds, at which time we will share with you our school’s special attributes and educational methodology.
3. Any applicants for Kinder 3 or above must arrange a time to take an admission test. Students applying for Daycare, Kinder 1 or Kinder 2 must schedule an appointment with the Kindergarten Coordinator. The required exams test each student’s academic knowledge of English and Spanish and contain a psychological evaluation. All results for these tests are final.
4. Information regarding the entrance exam results is received by prior appointment only.
5. In the event that a student is accepted, parents/guardians will receive information explaining the necessary requirements, as well as any further steps in the student enlistment process.

The enrollment period for Daycare, Kindergarten, Elementary and Middle School occurs during February and March of each school year. However, ASFC reserves the right to refuse enrollment for those students who have not completed all the required forms and conditions.

Potential ASFC students must pass the English and Spanish admission exams with an average score of 8.0 in each area, in addition to participating in and completing the psychological examination which is arranged and proctored by the Student Counseling Services on campus.

Any student who does not have citizenship in Mexico and wishes to enroll must abide by the laws put in place by the Republic of Mexico regarding student activity and residence, in addition to the rules laid out in the student regulations.

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To be able to enroll a student at ASFC, in addition to the previously mentioned required examinations, each of the following must be completed:

1. Complete and submit, in the Coordination Office which corresponds to your student’s grade level, all the enrollment forms with the understanding that if the parents/guardians fail to complete these steps correctly and before the admissions deadline, the student’s reserved spot will be forfeited.
2. Participate in and complete the previous grade level.
3. Finalize the payments for the corresponding school year.

If the parents/guardians have covered all enrollment fees for the upcoming school year and the student accumulates three suspensions during the same school year, due to the violation of school rules, this payment will not guarantee the student’s enrollment for the rest of the school year.

Students who complete and pass an academic grade level will automatically become eligible for the following grade level, as long as they comply with the established school regulations.