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Schedule: 8:30 a.m. to 13:30 p.m.

The Kindergarten program is developed using an annual education plan. Each teacher applies the ASFC curriculum program to their lesson plan selection and design in order to appropriately guide students in the development of each grade levels’ required skill-set and achieve the fundamental principles laid out for each grade level in terms of the key formative areas, which are:

1. Language development
2. Initiation of social activities
3. Personal development
4. Communication development
5. Recognizing different ways of thinking
6. Initiation of logical mathematical thinking
7. Exploration of the world
8. Knowledge about the world
9. Artistic expression
10. Artistic appreciation
11. Physical development
12. Health development

The program includes a series of pedagogical principles, as well as criteria that take into account the planning, development and evaluation of educational materials. We complement the students’ development with the Inquiry method and the fundamental principles of the SEP program which relate to the varied proficiencies we strive to develop in each student. ASFC shares these principles and attempts to develop them further in order to utilize our theories regarding multiple intelligences.

Students develop many abilities through diverse activities in order to prepare themselves for the coming primary school years. In each grade, teachers design monthly, leveled activities using an analysis of each student’s characteristics. Distinct levels of complexity determine each student´s achievements and learning potential so that they may make gradual and significant progress during their tenure at our school. The Kinder 1 through Kinder 3 classes are bilingual, educational experiences, with the English portion led by certified, international, native-English speaking teachers.