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DAGO LIBRARY / American School Foundation of Chiapas


American School Foundation of Chiapas

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Library services are made available to internal (ASFC students, teachers and administrative staff) and external (ASFC parents/guardians) members. Service fees are $0.50 per page for a photocopy and $0.50 per page for printing.

Use of Library
1. Speak quietly within the building.
2. The library spaces must be respected and materials should remain in their designated areas.
3. Food and drink, including candy or popsicles, are prohibited.
4. Smoking or the use of other combustible materials is prohibited.
5. Damage to any furniture or library equipment is prohibited.
6. Anyone who does not abide by the above rules will be asked to leave the premises.

Reading Room and Photocopying
1. All reference materials, including periodicals (magazines), videos (DVD) and newspapers are solely for use within the library facilities and may not be checked out for any reason.
2. The above printed materials may be photocopied.

Lending Service
1. Lending service is exclusively for students, teachers and ASFC staff.
2. In order to use the library’s lending service, the presentation of a valid identification card is required.
3. Any materials requested for check-out must be accompanied by an identification card.
4. Middle School students may check-out materials for a period of 7 days and Elementary and Preschool students may check-out books for 14 days.
5. The maximum number of materials that can be checked-out at one time is 2 for Middle School students and 1 for Elementary and Preschool.
6. Checked-out materials can be renewed once for the same duration as the previous loan.

Computer Area
1. Computers found in the library will be used solely for working with CDs, consulting the online catalog and for academic projects. Preference will be made for anyone wishing to use them for these purposes.
2. Use of the Internet on library computers is restricted to researching databases and academic information. Access to chat pages, e-mail or other similar sites is not allowed.