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Schedule: 7:00 a.m. to 14:30 p.m.

We believe that the Middle School academic program, including and enriched through Arts and P.E., offers a variety of experiences that mold our students as inquisitive individuals who are prepared for academic success. Through reinforcement of their physical and social skills, we guide them to become active, thoughtful citizens locally, nationally and internationally.

The combined English Department of Middle and High School is unique in that it has been specially designed to fit the needs not only of students who have come up through our bilingual system in Elementary School at ASFC, but also of students new to our system.

After presenting an English admissions exam, each student is placed in either a Unilingual course (courses given entirely in English in areas of interest for the students while no longer focusing on ESL) or an ESL course to help refine English skills necessary to later be incorporated in our Unilingual system.

In learning through subject matters of high interest and with real language applications, our students have the dual benefit of becoming versed not only in English, but also in the variety of courses offered each semester!