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The primary functions of the Counseling Services Office are:

1. Counseling when a student wishes to speak and be heard in a confidential environment or requests professional support from the school psychologist.
2. Support in interviews with students, teachers or parents/guardians when requested by the Coordination Office.
3. Direct support to Coordination Offices to improve personal relationships or solve problems that arise between students during the school year.
4. Organization of parent workshops for all grade levels.
5. Organization of student workshops for all grade levels.

The office of the school’s Counseling Services addresses the emotional well-being of the students and of the family situations within which they develop, as well as the challenges presented to students during their learning process.

The following services are offered:

1. Parent meetings
2. Psychological tests for students referred by a teacher
3. Counseling appointments for students
4. Study plans with parents/guardians
5. Counseling appointments for parents/guardians
6. General advice on the admission process

If a grade level or subject teacher observes any special talents, learning difficulties or irregular behavior patterns in their students, they should refer them to the Student Counseling Services Office where psychological examinations can be administered and the results used to guide parents/guardians and, if necessary, direct students to the appropriate outside, specialized support services.

Parents/guardians should provide their complete support to the Student Counseling Services and utilize any outside professional support when necessary. It is imperative that the continued work of parents/guardians and students is demonstrated and documented in the counseling program as the school is not responsible for a student’s unsatisfactory results due to a lack of any necessary support.

The Student Counseling Services informs the Coordination Offices and classroom teachers of any changes in procedures or instructions for offering support to students. They must also offer similar support and information to parents/guardians.