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American School Foundation of Chiapas

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Values education is a valid and valuable part of our curriculum, our school activities, and the overall atmosphere at our school. At ASFC we strive to consider, practice, and celebrate values, virtues, attributes and attitudes on a daily basis!

At ASFC we have four principal values: respect, responsibility, tolerance and honesty. We endeavor to demonstrate these values at all times.

We also focus on a myriad of values, attributes, and attitudes through:

1. Creating interesting and thoughtful classroom lessons and discussions about them

2. Reading stories and books which incorporate them

3. Playing games which encourage students to practice them

4. Singing songs which teach about them

5. Organizing contests which encourage children to consider them (designing posters, creating songs or dances, painting pictures, making puppets, proposing names for school mascots, etc.)

6. Suggesting ideas for parents in newsletters and on the school website that encourage their children to practice them outside of school

7. Ensuring that all staff members model them

8. Discussing them in weekly assemblies

9. Creating bulletin board displays about them

10. Awarding special certificates to people who demonstrate them in special ways


Through these opportunities, and many others, we encourage the school community to be involved in not just learning about, but in actually living the values, attributes and attitudes encompassed in our daily experiences.


We are very excited to announce a new component of the Values Program this school year. The "WOW: Working on Wellness Program" at ASFC will focus on elements of physical, emotional, mental, social and intellectual wellness by providing and organizing workshops, activities, resources, playful moments and collaborative aventures for students,teachers, and parents each month based on particular themes.